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newsletter > Sun, Shells and Sea : 3 Faces of Summer
Sun, Shells and Sea : 3 Faces of Summer

Jul 15, 2007

The makeup looks for summer begin with skin that is cared
for. Wearing a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it will
protect your skin on a daily basis. When you are heading
outdoors increase the SPF with a facial sunscreen. Some
oil free sunscreens (containing zinc oxide) can appear
white-ish on the skin, so you may prefer a tinted
moisturizer if you like a zinc formula. There are many
sunscreens on the market that are oil free, and will not
cause breakouts, look for "non-comedogenic" on the label.

For a bronzed look, use one of the gradual self tanners
that are for use on the face. I recommend applying self
tanner at bedtime to a clean and moisturized face.
The moisturizer will help it to absorb evenly and will
dilute the tanner slightly so that you don't get too much
color deposited.
Using an amount no larger than the size of a dime, dot it
on cheeks, and forehead then blend it out so that it is
sheer near your hair line, your eyebrows, lips and below
your eyes. Smooth it down your moisturized neck, blending
it off at the bottom. You can dot a second "blush" layer
under your cheek bones and blend it out to your temples to
create contouring or a built in sunkissed bronzer. You are
on your way to our first look, The Sun Goddess.

The Sun Goddess is warm, golden and glowing. She wears a
shimmery eye shadow in the golden-bronze range. For extra
smolder, line the inner rim of your lower eye lids with a
freshly sharpened eye pencil in deep plum, bronze or brown.
Please note: Always wipe the tip of the pencil with a
tissue after sharpening it to remove any flakes of wood or
makeup that can irritate your eye, this is important,
especially if you wear contact lenses. The apples of our
Sun Goddesses cheeks are washed with peachy bronzer where
the sun would naturally fall. The tops of her cheeks are
highlighted with
a touch of pearlized color that blends toward the temples
and up and around to above the outer edge of the eyebrows.
Her lips are glossed with a shimmery peach color, or
for a darker lip, try a copper colored gloss with flecks of
gold. Grab your sun hat and you're ready.

The Shell inspired face is all about clean pinks and
corals. Use a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation to
even out skin tone around the nose and mouth, blending out.
Apply a light wash of cream eye shadow in a pearly
peach tone to eyelids and up into crease. Using a soft
eyeshadow brush, apply a light taupe colored powder to the
crease, starting at the outer corner and blending in so
that the color is darkest at the outer corner and fades
toward the center of the eye. Line the top lids with a long
wearing eye pencil in a dark brown, lining as close to the
lashes as possible, and then softly line the outer half of
the bottom lid. If you like a smudged line, go over the
liner with a pointy cosmetic Q-tip to soften the edge. You
can also go over the liner with line of powdered eye shadow
in a shimmery brown or deep plum color. There are some
loose mineral eye shadows on the market that do the trick,
as well as the usual pressed eyeshadows. The powder helps
"fix" creamy liner pencils, just as powder sets a cream
foundation on your face, helping it to wear longer. Mascara
on the top lashes and outer
corners of the bottom. Apply a peachy/pink shell colored
blush to the apples of you cheeks. Lip gloss in a sheer
watermelon or coral shade and you are good to go!

The Sea inspired face is cool and has a sophisticated retro
vibe. Think 1960's airline stewardess goes to the beach, as
played by Sofia Loren. Apply a tinted moisturizer,
sunscreen or sheer foundation to even out skin tone. A wash
of aqua or sea foam colored eye shadow on the eyelids.
Brush a light taupe colored shadow into the crease,
starting at the outer edge and brushing toward your nose.
Apply a long wearing cake/gel liner very close to the lash
line, with a slight cat eye lift on the outer corners.
Pencil in a light taupe color under the outer corners. Curl
those lashes. This look calls for 2 coats of mascara, and
really pay attention to those lashes on the outer corners.
The cheeks are a neutral bronze/tan color, not too
shimmery, a clean looking face that lets the eyes pop. (Are
you channeling your inner Sofia yet?) A few strokes of a
light pink lipstick (or a pinky sand color) and you have
the colors of the sand and sea for our sea inspired look.
This look is quite fetching with a side part that dips down
on the forehead (a style that I lovingly call "the swoop").

Now gals, we all know that fashion is created to sell
stuff, so these are merely my suggestions as to the "latest
thing," and you have my permission to break the molds, make
it your own, celebrate your unique beauty, and above all
"Keep it real."
Enjoy, Kris