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What people are saying...

"You are professional, adorable and a joy. And you put celebrities at ease."

Jan Landis

Executive Producer
Sarah and No Name After Dark
The CW

"Thank you so much for your contribution to the show.
I really enjoyed working with you and I loved the airbrush makeup. It's such a clean and natural look which is perfect for a show like Healing Quest.
I'm looking forward to working with you again soon."

Judy Brooks
Executive Producer & Host
Healing Quest

"I dare say that my favorite thing that Kris brings to a set isn't contained in her copious boxes of make-up, temporary tattoos, the prosthetic body parts or whatever strange thing we ask her to make "believable". It's not even her crazy good finesse in the art of making people appear exactly how I want them to look on camera - it's definitely her smile and her attitude. Put Kris in a room (or on a set) with anyone and you get calm, and fun..."

Glen Janssens

eMotion Studios

"Everyone you worked on was praising your talents, girlfriend! Even though we were shooting regular definition, the airbrush technique for HD that you used made the talent look so incredible!  There is a huge difference between traditional make up technique and the airbrush technique you use...even for standard def!!!  
I told Don it was always such a pleasure working with you, and when he finally did he said I was absolutely right!!
We appreciate all you did and hope we can do it again soon!"

Vicky & Don McCuaig
Journey Films

"Kris was always there, and always made the people look good, not 'made up'. She got the style we were going for, and got a natural and well-groomed look that meshed perfectly with our corporate story.

Well done, Kris, and thanks!"
Mark Herzig

Director of Photography