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Feature Films


“No Direction Home: Bob Dylan”   Makeup for Joan Baez

“High Crimes”                             Key Makeup Artist, San Francisco
“I Know What You                      Key Makeup Artist, San Francisco   
     Did Last Summer”                 Beauty and Body Makeups, tattoos, effects

“Flubber”                                    Key Makeup Artist, ran Visual Effects/2nd Unit

“Scream”                                    Beauty makeup, blood, cuts, bruises, tears, sweat

“Jack”                                         Prosthetics, stretch & stipple age, fantasy masquerade makeups (Elvis & Marilyn Monroe)

"The Matrix Reloaded"               Character & stunt makeups

"The Matrix Revolutions"            Character & stunt makeups

“Patch Adams”                           Period facial hair, hand laid sideburns and beards

“What Dreams May Come”        Etherial Angels, Hellions w/ clay & tattoo ink body makeup   

“The Wedding Planner”              Beauty Makeup and clean male makeup/grooming

“The Rock”                                 Military Navy Seal camouflage makeup

“The Game”                               Eccentric/bizarre character makeups

“The Joy Luck Club”                   Period and beauty makeup

Additional Films:

“The Sweetest Thing,”   “Dangerous Minds,”   “Junior,”   “Bicentennial Man”


Television (partial list)

"The Birth of Hollywood" Fatty Arbuckle Story, 2010, BBC, Historic recreations, period makeup, Paul Merton Director
"John Muir In The New World" 2010, Historic recreations, PBS feature, Global Village Media, Catherine Tat
ge Director
"HGTV Sonoma Dream Home Give Away" 2009, Makeup for Host Monica Pedersen, and all on-air talent and designers
"Thirteen Years of Dreams" 2008, HGTV
"Healing Quest" PBS, 2007 to Present  Watch show segments at "Healing Quest"
"Designing Spaces," TLC  2007-2009 Makeup for Hosts Malou Nubla and Kim Yonenaka
“The Evidence” episodic, ABC, Makeup Artist for Rob Estes, Jodi Lynn O'Keefe, Jason Lewis, 2006 Season
“Seeing In The Dark”  astronomy documentary/historic dramatization, PBS (HDTV)
Check out the PBS interactive astronomy website for  "Seeing In The Dark," 
"Governor Pat Brown" Documentary, Sascha Rice Director
“Party of Five” episodic, FOX,  San Francisco Key Makeup Artist 1995-2000
“The Division” episodic, Lifetime
“MD’s” episodic
"The First Years" episodic
"The Law and Mr. Lee" pilot, Key Makeup, Makeup Artist for DB Woodside, Gina Torres, Director Kevin Sullivan
“City Lights” pilot
“Partners” pilot, Makeup Artist for Amanda Peet, Jonathon Schaech
"Sucker Free City" pilot, Director: Spike Lee, HBO
"John Walsh Show"
"Court TV" 
“ABC 20/20”
“The Today Show”
"CNet News.com" weekly news show, MSNBC  
“The Godfather 25th Anniversary”
“National Economic Summit”  
“The State of the World Debate”  Makeup Artist for Lady Margaret Thatcher, Bernard Shaw, Jane Goodall
"United Nations 50th Anniversary Charter Celebration with President Clinton," Makeup Artist for David Brinkley

Cooking Shows

Chef Tyler Florence              Guest Chef for Food Network show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate"
Chef Chris Cosentino                       "
Chef Guy Fieri                                  "
Chef Aida Mollenkamp

Chef Christofer Kostow        "The 12 Nights of Christmas" Food Network.com 2008-2009                          
Chef Michael Symon
Chef Traci Des Jardins                   "
Chef Roland Passot
Chef April Bloomfield                      "
Chef Koren Grieveson
Chef Floyd Cardoz                          "
Chef Daniel Hum

Chefs Pierro Selvaggio                   "
Chef Luciano Pellegrini
Chef Joachim Splichal                     "                 
Chef Anita Lo                 
Chef Nancy Silverton
Chef Matt Molina                             "

Chef Bobby Flay                       "HGTV Sonoma Dream Home 2009"

Chef Michael Chiarello          “Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello”  Series (HDTV), Food Network, 2003-07 
                                               Chef Michael Chiarello is cooking at Bottega
Chef Tyler Florence              "Cooking With Tyler Florence" AOL Productions, 2007
Chef Ming Tsai                     "Simply Ming" WGBH, 2007
Chef Gerard Nebesky          "Totally Gerard" Heritage Entertainmant, 2007
Chef Jacques Pepin             “Fast Food My Way”  Series, KQED, 2004   
Chef Jill Dupleix                   “Good Cooking” DVD (HDTV), Reel Foods, 2005

Sommelier Andrea Immer     “Pairings With Andrea” Series, Fine Living Network (HDTV) 2005
Chef Michael Chiarello         “Napa Style 2” Series, Fine Living Network, 2004
Chef Deborah Madison         “Local Flavors” Pilot, Reel Foods, 2004


Sprint                                                    Adobe (website)
Motorola                                               Target      
Sargento Cheese                                 Toyota                                
Napa Style                                                   Progresso
Nokia                                                    Levi’s                       
Wheaties                                               Buy.com
Union Bank                                           MCI                         
Isuzu                                                     Hallmark                                    
Labatt’s Beer                                        Jennie-O Turkey
TGI Friday’s Restaurant                        Aerial Communications   

Chrysler                                                Juvederm (infomercial)
FOX  Sports Network                            Hefty One Zip Bags   

Air Canada                                            Paramount’s Great America Park    
Discovery Channel                                3M Tattoo Bandages       
Pizza Hut                                              Tow Truck In A Box (infomercial)   
John Muir Medical Center                     Rite Aid       
TiVo, Inc.                                               The Core (infomercial)
Buick                                                     Gallo Winery
Northstar Resorts                                  Ask.com 
Marvin Windows                                    Principal Skincare (infomercial)
Gottschalks                                            San Francisco Giants

Print Photograhy: National Ad Campaigns, Magazine Covers and Features

People Magazine (feature)                  “Gourmet Every Day” Cookbook (cover & chapter pgs.)      
Fortune Magazine (feature)                  Sunset Magazine (feature)             
Interview Magazine ( feature)               A.C.T. 2006-07 Season Brochure                                        
Electronic Musician (cover)                  Country Living Magazine (feature)                                          
Mervyn’s                                               Countrywide Realty
Dolby Digital Stereo                              Solo Optical Brochure                                                               
Chiron Diagnostics                                Frito Lay Chips
InfoWorld Magazine (cover)                  Naprelan                                                                                      
Cheetos, Doritos & Ruffles Chips          Del Monte
Health Magazine (features)                   Mug Root Beer                                                                           
Golf Magazine (Julie Inkster)                HP Solutions                                                                               
Open Computing  (cover)                      Electronic Arts                                                                             
Cobalt (website)                                    Genentech                                                                                      
NBCI (website)                                      Queen of the Valley Hospital (website)                      
Deloitte (website),                                 SF Chronicle (celebrity features)
Aetna Springs Brochure                        Chefwear Catalog

Posters and Promotional Print Materials for the following films & TV Shows

“I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Flubber,” “Jack,” “The Evidence”


Major Theatrical

"Wicked*" principal & prosthetic makeup, World Premiere: San Francisco, 2003

  *Makeup Artist's & Hairstylist's Guild Award for Best Theatrical Makeup, "Wicked," 2003

"The Hard Nut" Mark Morris Dance Group, 1991-2009

"King Arthur" Mark Morris Dance Group, 2006

American Conservatory Theatre: 2006-2007 Season Brochure


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See Napa Makeup Artist Kris Ravetto's latest work with "the stars" in the PBS movie "Seeing In The Dark"   

San Francisco makeup artist Kris Ravetto says, "Yes, I have been working with the stars again! This state of the art high definition astronomy documentary based on the book "Seeing In The Dark," by New York Times best selling author, science writer Timothy Ferris, features amazing night sky effects by the world's best astro effects artist, an academy award winning sound designer, and enough wonder, awe and excitement to keep me up at night looking into space and wanting to see more (a galaxy or a nebula perhaps)! The 'stars' here are the actual stars, beautiful and shimmering, and the passionate backyard astronomers who find them. Their unbridled enthusiasm stayed with me long after the production. You will want to see this in high def. Please mark your calendar and enjoy the colorful magic of being transported beyond where our eyes can see!"
"Makeup for the California astronomers and historic re-creations was applied with my Kett airbrush makeup system created for high definition." Learn more about high def airbrush makeup and the many other "stars" that the Napa Makeup Artist works with at Kris Ravetto's website: www.krisravetto.com

"Visit the (very cool) PBS "Seeing In The Dark" interactive website where you can make custom star charts for your own backyard. You can command a telescope in New Mexico to photograph a galaxy for you, then email it to your computer, just like the astronomers in the movie do. Amazing stuff!"



www.krisravetto.com                                          email krisravetto@yahoo.com                                        call (707) 647-3899