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High Definition Makeup
The New York Times, CNN, Time Magazine, Vogue. Everyone is weighing in on high definition and the importance of skilled, trained makeup artists and proper use of the newest products. Do you know how many (skintone) shades of red can be broadcast in high definition compared with the old broadcast standards for red? The answer may shock you, and explain why someone can look great on standard format TV and appear red and blotchy in High Def. It's true my friends, it's a whole new world. Enter it with me, and go behind the scenes with a high def makeup artist.
Nov 30, 2007
Sun, Shells and Sea : 3 Faces of Summer
Hot, sun-kissed gold and bronze. Gleaming shell pinks with a kiss of juicy coral. Sandy beige and a wash of cool sophisticated aquas inspired by the sea. The 3 faces of summer are as fresh as an ocean breeze.
Jul 15, 2007
Your Big Day: Makeup Tips for Brides and Grads
Long wearing products and a "go to" kit of essentials to help you stay fresh all day, and look your best for your photos. As usual, Kris helps you to "keep it real." She shares some of her favorite products and tips that were mentioned in her interview with DesignHerGals.com founder Jeanne Fitzmaurice, on Jeanne's blogtalkradio.com show.
Jun 1, 2007